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Boys always find it difficult to buy amazing gifts for their girlfriends. Actually, only a few boys really know what their girlfriends want. As a girl, I have some good ideas and hope they can help all the boys.

Another feature of the Monster Beats could be the right earphone can be tapped on the outside and it mutes your sound. There's no digging in your pocket to press silence or pause, just a fast tap.

My job now has me travelling on a semi-regular basis and my trips involve travel across the country. We all know what that can mean: possible long delays in airports and long flights where you have to pay $10 to get the headphones to listen to the movie being offered by the generous airlines.

This is perhaps the most important thing to watch for because headphones are worn, not placed on a desk. In-whats an earbud have great noise-cancelling features but some feel disconcerted because they block out ambient noise a bit too well. Others prefer over-the-what are earbuds for their comfort and ability to produce better low bass sound. The choice is up to you where comfort is concerned.

earphones or ear buds, battery (built-in or standalone), MP3 player case (with arm band if you are bringing your player along for sports like jogging). An installation CD and manual guide of the MP3 Player. As for the warranty, the normal warranty period is one year, anything less than that, better give it a miss. Do take note of the above 4 points of choosing your MP3 player and happy shopping.

Like to be outdoors? Try Jack Black Sun Guard, Oil-Free Very Water/Sweat Resistant Sunscreen. This powerful sunscreen will help you stay safe from the sun and wont wash off from your hyperhidrosis.

The quality of the design of these is un-passed. It's typical Apple - white and simple. There is no Apple logo on these however they scream Apple loud and clear, that's for certain. They seem well made, however like me you might want to wrap a little bit of (white) electrical tape around the plug. It isn't reinforced like pretty much every other set of headphones out there and I believe this is the bit that will break first. They are very minimal in your ears and look great. The Earbuds themselves feel very high quality.

To further enhance enjoyment the dr dre monster beats headphones possess a noise-cancelling feature that cuts out external noise so all you hear would be the rich information on the music itself. You can literally be in a room with loud external noise yet be slashed off t just your music with the sound proof feature.

It isn't possible to share Ipod headphones and NOT be constantly touching the person you're sharing them with... The more music you play her, the more comfortable she is getting with your touch. And it is totally incidental! (How else could you both listen?)In other words, you have a legitimate and excusable reason to be that physically close to her.

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